Want to Paint Photos of Fireworks You Took From 4th of July?

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The 4th of July is here and gone! Many people take video and pictures of fireworks. But have you ever thought of painting one of the many pictures of fireworks you took? Drawing and coloring light, fire, fireworks, or explosions for that matter can be very tricky. It’s all made of light, so where do you start? I found a painter online who has a pretty good tip to painting fireworks and they look pretty awesome! The artists name is Grant Fuller.  Part 1 and part 2 are embedded below!



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More Tutorials

How to Draw Eyes

How to paint with watercolor – Basics

Street Fighter’s Sagot Painted in Watercolor


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Eyes Aren’t Easy to Draw… Watch this How to Video!

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When drawing a persons face, there are a few key features you MUST focus on in order to make that drawing look or resemble that person. If you can master the art of drawing these key features it will help your level of skill and you’ll get more and more attention for other people.

When every you have a conversation with someone where do you look? chances are their eyes. Most people automatically look into another persons eye to show they are paying attention and engaged to that person. Secondly, you may start looking at their nose or even notice the shape of the person’s head.


“Eyes are the window to your soul.”

– William Shakespeare


It’s a daunting task to draw the majestic beauty of a persons eye, I’m talking detail. Eyes are moist, eyes have reflections, eyes are shaded, and have an iris with so much detail and color its too difficult to capture. However, I found a video that does a pretty great job to get you started drawing the basics of a woman’s eye. It’s called, “How to draw a realistic eye” by, Mark Crilley He also has multiple books out. I picked out some of his “How to Draw” books for you, which as always, you can check out below the video.



Buy Them on Amazon! Just Click the image!

     Mastering Manga

   Mastering Manga 2

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Watercolor Painting Basics. Learn with this Video…

Stan Miller Watercolor Painting

We had a great amount of visitors yesterday check out the post featuring Joe Vriens watercolor painting Sagot and it just looked unbelievable! Joe Vriens is amazing and has spent a decade or so in the industry and has a ton of experience.  I don’t know his full story as an artist but we all have to start somewhere. I decided to give you a huge watercolor painting tip today. I think I have previously said, I’m trying to teach myself how to watercolor paint so what I normally do is look online  and research until I find videos, picture tutorials or any other valuable information.


“Get your facts first, then distort them as you please.” -Mark Twain


I’m letting you in on a  basic watercolor painting Youtube stream I found by a man names Stan Miller. He’s been watercolor painting for over 30 years and the pieces he paints is amazing! Watch his video below. And as always, below the video you’ll find products to get you started quickly with watercolor.

1″ Flat Watercolor Brush



Grahams Watercolor Paint Set

Winsor and Newton Watercolor Set (Cheaper Alternative)


9″ x 12″ Watercolor Paper


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Watercolor Painting At It’s Best. Watch How Its Done!

Joverine Sagat watercolor


I don’t remember watercolor painting being taught too much in schools growing up and to be completely honest, I never knew why I would want to learn to paint with watercolor. As I grew older, I noticed that watercolor (traditional or digital) can have a certain elegance to it, or it can be used to paint comics like Calvin and Hobbes. If you are like me and watch pixar, or disney movies and enjoy watching special features sections (don’t judge me :P), I recommend watching Pixar’s UP behind the scenes footage. At one point, the animators are hiking through a part of South America you know, getting inspiration, and they all stop and bring out water colors and paint this waterfall. Its brilliant!

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

Recently, I’ve been trying to learn to paint using watercolor and I realized that one of the commercial artists I follow paints with watercolor. His style blows my mind! This artist is Joe Vriens. He goes by the username Joverine. He has work experience in video games, comics, toys and more and his some of his clients are Microsoft, Marvel, DC Comics, Wild Storm, National Geographic, Leap Frog and more. He is a super talented artist and I’d love to show you a video from Joe Vriens’ Livestream account below. Also, below the video I have linked to some tools it looks like he is using. These are some of the tools I’ve researched and read reviews on that are similar to what Joe has in his video.


Tools similar to what Joe Vriens is using:


                   Water Brush                       


  Watercolor Paper

  News Print

**UPDATE: Joe Vriens let me know in the video, he is painting on news print and NOT watercolor paper. So I included that above!** 

I hope these tools help you on your way. Art can be an expensive hobby but it is so rewarding! Never give up! Comment below about your experience with watercolor, or what you thought of Joe Vriens art.

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This is why I love Traditional Animation….

Are you into animation? Have you tried to make an animation, whether it was a flip book or a flash / after effects animation? The feeling I got when I created my first animation of a ball bouncing across the screen, made me so excited! I literally made a ball come to life through animation. It’s very addictive!

Former Disney animator Glen Keane was responsible for animations like Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan and more. I found this animation on the tech website, Gizmodo.com. I am extremely glad I found it!

This is Glen Keane’s latest animation, Duet, which debuted at Google I/O. Take a look!



I hope this inspires you to stretch your talents and explore, figure drawing, animation, or even the basics! These links actually link to a few of my favorite books!


Leave a comment below about what you thought of this video!


Also, Check out some other blog posts I have related to this post.

I Couldn’t Stop Drawing



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Bill your customer more professionally and accurately


A friend and I have been drawing one panel comics for Grace Church of Glendora‘s Kids ministry called SKIT (Side Kicks In Training) for about 5 years or longer. This started out and was always a paid gig for us that brought in some extra cash.  My friend Matt and I had a meeting with the lead children’s pastor and agreed on a price per drawing, not an hourly rate. When that was settled he emailed us descriptions of what he wanted each drawing to look like and we drew and colored them and emailed it back to him. Then he would say “Looks great! Bill me!” So I would email him something like this:


Grace Church of Glendora 


5 Drawings

– David

– Goliath

– Saul

– The fight

-All Hail King David


Total = $X amount


This is actually very unprofessional and there are programs that can make this invoice look great! The other problem I realized I had is that I wasn’t EVER tracking my time, so I didn’t know how much I was making an hour. we’ll say my friend and I wanted to make $40 a picture and we’d like to complete each picture in 2 hours, because if we took all day to draw that one picture for $40, it isn’t worth it. But If we tracked our time, we would know how long it would take to us to complete each drawing and we could make the necessary adjustments needed. We could even go back to the client and say we will continue to do the picture for $40 each but to let you know next time we’ll have to raise our prices to X. As we are working on these projects, we came to the conclusion after tracking our time that its just not worth it to us to do it for that much.

And that brings me to this, FRESHBOOKS. I was introduced to freshbooks.com, and I won’t use anything else. I have been using them for about a year now. There customer service is fantastic. They have a easy to use site that provides me with a time tracker to track each project under the clients I have inputed into the system. It will let me know if I have went over on my estimated hours I thought it would take me to do a project. When I’m done I can invoice them and they have the option of sending me a check or paying me via paypal and I can record if they have paid me in full right on the site. I can also track expenses for each project too. I already mentioned that you get a professional looking invoice, here’s what it looks like:


freshbooks, draw, invoice


It’s beautiful right? I typed over information that I thought would be better to leave blank but you get the idea. Go to Freshbooks, check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks everyone!

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Attempting to be more transparent.

I couldn’t stop drawing


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Watterson… Inspirational.


One of my favorite artists and comic writers is Bill Watterson. The way he draws is amazing! And his style with watercolor was the perfect medium to bringing his characters, Calvin and Hobbes to life! My oldest brother introduced me to his comics when I was really young so I never quite understood all of his comics. But as a kid, I could easily grasp the surface stuff like, Snowmen, Spaceman Spiff battling aliens, Picking on girls, using your imagination to be a kid, and to dream up a best friend that was actually a stuffed animal.

When I was elementary school, I did a biography on Bill Watterson, I don’t remember how good it was but I know I really enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes so much that I took time to learn about who the man behind the comic strip really was.

And that inspired me to make my on comic strips. I made it for myself and to show my parents. I guess that was my target audience at the time, my family. I had one called “Bladers,” another called, “Andy,” which basically featured me and a few of my friends and family members, and lastly I had one called, “A Bum for a Goat.” That was about a beach bum and his pet fish. The fish had a goatee. I don’t know how great they really were considering I was just a kid growing up in school (elementary through middle school, I think). But I know I started creating these because of comics, like Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Garfield, The Farside, etc. I may have had more strips I made too. If I can find a few of my old strips I made I’ll either update this post or make a new one and link to it. Yes, I still have them.

Bill Watterson ended Calvin and Hobbes and stopped making comics for over 10 years. But once again, our hopes rise  as he co-wrote and illustrated 3 comics from Pearls Before Swine, and they were amazing! Click the link Pearls Before Swine to read the article! I hope (and everyone else) that this is Bill Wattersons, return to the comics once again! Also, for more information regarding Bill Watterson that I thought was a cool prequel to the article I have a link to, “Dear Mr. Watterson” is on NetFlix.com now and it gives a good background to Bill Watterson.



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Draw much? Why? For what reason?

I draw because I like to entertain myself. Often times, I find myself actually drawing ME as a character. I don’t even realize it. It happens to every artist. Artists actually draw themselves or a close friend, or family member into they’re drawings and don’t realize it.




This is a sketch I drew at Starbucks today. I decided to finalize it and as I did, the more I realized it resembled me. I found it pretty funny! (I don’t know why but I did.) I was going to draw a guy wearing summer clothes, like he was at the beach or something, and thought about putting him in a puke green tank (One of my wife’s favorite colors), and decided to give him bright green with super bright yellow flowered trunks.  Who is he waving at? I don’t know. You decide.  🙂  I hope you like it!

**My challenge for you is to start posting your work for people to see, or show a friend or family member first and work your way up. Its a snowball effect that will help build your confidents!

Step 1: Draw (write, paint, sculpt, sew, build something) for yourself!

Step 2: Show a close friend, Family member(s), spouse, etc.

Step 3: Post it on your Facebook, Create a blog, twitter, instagram, etc.

Continue to do this, and maybe take your art to the next step and find a site like Sketch Dailies and post it on there for multiple artists to view! 🙂

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I Couldn’t Stop Drawing…

Do you draw, sketch or paint? I started drawing when I was young, as far back as I can remember (literally). I drew my first comic book (if you can REALLY call it that) in 3rd grade. It was a class assignment to make up something and make it into a picture book. So naturally I made up a super hero and told his origin story. I think like any kid that grew up in the early 90’s, I drew with pencil and paper and colored with crayons and colored pencil. I would come home from school sit with my brother and neighbor from down the street, watch the x-men cartoon show and draw X-men. My neighbor introduced me to a book when I was in 6th grade about drawing human faces. Drawing: Faces & Features: Learn to draw step by step (How to Draw & Paint) After, I found a book from the library that would teach me to draw comics just like the pros!How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way At this point in middle school, I was taking as many art classes as I could while trying to read, and teach myself with these books. They were great! I didn’t learn about graphic design or that there was such thing as graphic design until my junior year of high school. I learned adobe photoshop and illustrator basics which set me off on a path to take my drawings digital. I started to teach myself more more and more of the adobe suite (photoshop, illustrator, inDesign, etc) and any other drawing program I could get my hands on. I met a good friend who gave me huge drawing tips and told me to look into doing figure drawing/ life drawing classes, get anatomy books, and find artist that you want to be like. This was the point that my skills as an artist grew and they grew FAST. I knew to surround myself with positive people, search for amazing influential artists, and other artists that would challenge me and take me to the next level. As an artist I don’t think I will ever stop learning.

Below I will have books listed that have influenced me and products I use frequently: *Reminder, all figure books contain some type of nudity (pictures or drawn). Please ask parents before looking at or buying these books.*

*This is written out due to nudity on the front cover.* The Figure in Motion: A Visual Reference for the Artist


Wacom Bamboo Tablet (Beginner)

(Click picture for details)


Wacom Intuos Tablet (intermediate)

(Click picture for details)


Wacom Cintiq (advanced)

(Click picture for details)

I will talk about these in more detail at a later time, but I will say the cintiq (which comes in multiple sizes) is what the pros use. I am using an old intuos. It gets the job done but Im hoping to get a cintiq soon! What have you been working towards in your life? What are your dreams, passions, etc? Do you want to become a better artist, a doctor, or maybe a teacher? Write your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!


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-Brad Smith

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Hey everyone,

I backed my first Kickstarter last night and I’m super stoked! I found the kickstarter project through a awesome artist named Wes Molebash. Wes has had multiple successful online comics and now he’s transitioning into children’s books, and thats just what this Kickstarter project I found is about. To be clear, this kickstarter wasn’t created by Wes, it was created by a man named, Ryan Haack who has a website called livingonehanded.com. The title of his book is “Different is Awesome.”

Before I get into the book, let me back up a little. What is kickstarter? Kickstarter is a website all about crowd funding. So theoretically, I have an idea for a book. I make a short video pitching the idea to you. I also come to the conclusion that I need $10,000 to make the book happen. That means, hiring an editor, getting it self published, and making sure I have enough to cover the rewards for each pledge given, etc. Wait… did I say rewards for evey pledge? Totally! Check it out. If I started that kickstarter project to raise money for the book, I would also set up a rewards system. If you pledge $1 or more I send you a personal thank you email from me, if you pledge $15, you get a digital copy and a personal thank you email, and so on. But the best part to me, is that not only are you getting stuff when you pledge money, BUT you are giving someone a shot at their dream! This is the idea behind kickstarter.com

So my wife, Kristina, and I funded “Different is Awesome.” Click here to see it! (Theres a limited time left to pledge still). The video pitching the idea is great! It was filmed and edited beautifully and conveys that this book is going to send a great message to kids and families who read this book. This next part is a small portion from Ryan’s kickstarter page which also features experts from the book.



The Book
The story itself is about a little boy who brings his older brother for show-and-tell. Notto it, but for it. The little boy’s classmates get to ask his brother all of the things they’re wondering, like, how does he tie his shoes? And, can he ride a bike?! The story helps kids to see that even though someone might be shaped differently, they can still do all kinds of cool stuff! In a broader sense, the story helps kids see that we are all different, or unique, in one way or another and that’s what makes us awesome!
I’ve been blessed to receive input from many, many amazing friends, authors, editors and parents and their feedback has been invaluable. It’s resulted in a story that is fun and funny and engaging. Several families said the story prompted a long discussion about what their kids’ differences were and how awesome they made them! I can see this happening in homes and classrooms and libraries around the world!
Here are a few excerpts:
Yesterday it was my turn to bring something to class for show and tell. 
I didn’t bring a stuffed animal. Or a remote control car. Or the picture I drew of an alien.
I brought my older brother, Ryan!
When Ryan was born, his left hand was missing.  He learned to do everything anybody else could do, though.  He just did it a little bit differently.
“Can you jump rope?” asked Noah, who wore glasses.
“It’s tricky,” said Ryan, “but I can do it if I try really hard!”
June, who was the shortest kid in class, had been sitting off to the side. “Does your arm hurt?” she asked quietly.
“Actually, no,” Ryan said. “It doesn’t hurt at all. Since I was born this way, it feels just like any other part of my body. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

I can’t wait to see the finished version! It’s going to be great for kids out there to learn about just how different everyone is from one another and how it is awesome! Please check out this kickstarter project!

You can follow Ryan Haack at livingonehanded.com find links to follow him on Twitter and other social media platforms.

You can also follow Wes Molebash at wesmolebash.com and of course follow him on social media platforms as well.


If there is something I didn’t go over or you may want to know more about please comment on this post. If you like what you are hearing follow my blog and share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.



-Brad Smith

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