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I backed my first Kickstarter last night and I’m super stoked! I found the kickstarter project through a awesome artist named Wes Molebash. Wes has had multiple successful online comics and now he’s transitioning into children’s books, and thats just what this Kickstarter project I found is about. To be clear, this kickstarter wasn’t created by Wes, it was created by a man named, Ryan Haack who has a website called The title of his book is “Different is Awesome.”

Before I get into the book, let me back up a little. What is kickstarter? Kickstarter is a website all about crowd funding. So theoretically, I have an idea for a book. I make a short video pitching the idea to you. I also come to the conclusion that I need $10,000 to make the book happen. That means, hiring an editor, getting it self published, and making sure I have enough to cover the rewards for each pledge given, etc. Wait… did I say rewards for evey pledge? Totally! Check it out. If I started that kickstarter project to raise money for the book, I would also set up a rewards system. If you pledge $1 or more I send you a personal thank you email from me, if you pledge $15, you get a digital copy and a personal thank you email, and so on. But the best part to me, is that not only are you getting stuff when you pledge money, BUT you are giving someone a shot at their dream! This is the idea behind

So my wife, Kristina, and I funded “Different is Awesome.” Click here to see it! (Theres a limited time left to pledge still). The video pitching the idea is great! It was filmed and edited beautifully and conveys that this book is going to send a great message to kids and families who read this book. This next part is a small portion from Ryan’s kickstarter page which also features experts from the book.



The Book
The story itself is about a little boy who brings his older brother for show-and-tell. Notto it, but for it. The little boy’s classmates get to ask his brother all of the things they’re wondering, like, how does he tie his shoes? And, can he ride a bike?! The story helps kids to see that even though someone might be shaped differently, they can still do all kinds of cool stuff! In a broader sense, the story helps kids see that we are all different, or unique, in one way or another and that’s what makes us awesome!
I’ve been blessed to receive input from many, many amazing friends, authors, editors and parents and their feedback has been invaluable. It’s resulted in a story that is fun and funny and engaging. Several families said the story prompted a long discussion about what their kids’ differences were and how awesome they made them! I can see this happening in homes and classrooms and libraries around the world!
Here are a few excerpts:
Yesterday it was my turn to bring something to class for show and tell. 
I didn’t bring a stuffed animal. Or a remote control car. Or the picture I drew of an alien.
I brought my older brother, Ryan!
When Ryan was born, his left hand was missing.  He learned to do everything anybody else could do, though.  He just did it a little bit differently.
“Can you jump rope?” asked Noah, who wore glasses.
“It’s tricky,” said Ryan, “but I can do it if I try really hard!”
June, who was the shortest kid in class, had been sitting off to the side. “Does your arm hurt?” she asked quietly.
“Actually, no,” Ryan said. “It doesn’t hurt at all. Since I was born this way, it feels just like any other part of my body. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

I can’t wait to see the finished version! It’s going to be great for kids out there to learn about just how different everyone is from one another and how it is awesome! Please check out this kickstarter project!

You can follow Ryan Haack at find links to follow him on Twitter and other social media platforms.

You can also follow Wes Molebash at and of course follow him on social media platforms as well.


If there is something I didn’t go over or you may want to know more about please comment on this post. If you like what you are hearing follow my blog and share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.



-Brad Smith

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