I Couldn’t Stop Drawing…

Do you draw, sketch or paint? I started drawing when I was young, as far back as I can remember (literally). I drew my first comic book (if you can REALLY call it that) in 3rd grade. It was a class assignment to make up something and make it into a picture book. So naturally I made up a super hero and told his origin story. I think like any kid that grew up in the early 90’s, I drew with pencil and paper and colored with crayons and colored pencil. I would come home from school sit with my brother and neighbor from down the street, watch the x-men cartoon show and draw X-men. My neighbor introduced me to a book when I was in 6th grade about drawing human faces. Drawing: Faces & Features: Learn to draw step by step (How to Draw & Paint) After, I found a book from the library that would teach me to draw comics just like the pros!How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way At this point in middle school, I was taking as many art classes as I could while trying to read, and teach myself with these books. They were great! I didn’t learn about graphic design or that there was such thing as graphic design until my junior year of high school. I learned adobe photoshop and illustrator basics which set me off on a path to take my drawings digital. I started to teach myself more more and more of the adobe suite (photoshop, illustrator, inDesign, etc) and any other drawing program I could get my hands on. I met a good friend who gave me huge drawing tips and told me to look into doing figure drawing/ life drawing classes, get anatomy books, and find artist that you want to be like. This was the point that my skills as an artist grew and they grew FAST. I knew to surround myself with positive people, search for amazing influential artists, and other artists that would challenge me and take me to the next level. As an artist I don’t think I will ever stop learning.

Below I will have books listed that have influenced me and products I use frequently: *Reminder, all figure books contain some type of nudity (pictures or drawn). Please ask parents before looking at or buying these books.*

*This is written out due to nudity on the front cover.* The Figure in Motion: A Visual Reference for the Artist


Wacom Bamboo Tablet (Beginner)

(Click picture for details)


Wacom Intuos Tablet (intermediate)

(Click picture for details)


Wacom Cintiq (advanced)

(Click picture for details)

I will talk about these in more detail at a later time, but I will say the cintiq (which comes in multiple sizes) is what the pros use. I am using an old intuos. It gets the job done but Im hoping to get a cintiq soon! What have you been working towards in your life? What are your dreams, passions, etc? Do you want to become a better artist, a doctor, or maybe a teacher? Write your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!


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-Brad Smith

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3 Responses to I Couldn’t Stop Drawing…

  1. Tim Long says:

    Loved reading this Brad and the memories it brought back…I remember the book of sketching faces! Praise God for your talent!

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