Draw much? Why? For what reason?

I draw because I like to entertain myself. Often times, I find myself actually drawing ME as a character. I don’t even realize it. It happens to every artist. Artists actually draw themselves or a close friend, or family member into they’re drawings and don’t realize it.




This is a sketch I drew at Starbucks today. I decided to finalize it and as I did, the more I realized it resembled me. I found it pretty funny! (I don’t know why but I did.) I was going to draw a guy wearing summer clothes, like he was at the beach or something, and thought about putting him in a puke green tank (One of my wife’s favorite colors), and decided to give him bright green with super bright yellow flowered trunks.  Who is he waving at? I don’t know. You decide.  🙂  I hope you like it!

**My challenge for you is to start posting your work for people to see, or show a friend or family member first and work your way up. Its a snowball effect that will help build your confidents!

Step 1: Draw (write, paint, sculpt, sew, build something) for yourself!

Step 2: Show a close friend, Family member(s), spouse, etc.

Step 3: Post it on your Facebook, Create a blog, twitter, instagram, etc.

Continue to do this, and maybe take your art to the next step and find a site like Sketch Dailies and post it on there for multiple artists to view! 🙂

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