Watterson… Inspirational.


One of my favorite artists and comic writers is Bill Watterson. The way he draws is amazing! And his style with watercolor was the perfect medium to bringing his characters, Calvin and Hobbes to life! My oldest brother introduced me to his comics when I was really young so I never quite understood all of his comics. But as a kid, I could easily grasp the surface stuff like, Snowmen, Spaceman Spiff battling aliens, Picking on girls, using your imagination to be a kid, and to dream up a best friend that was actually a stuffed animal.

When I was elementary school, I did a biography on Bill Watterson, I don’t remember how good it was but I know I really enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes so much that I took time to learn about who the man behind the comic strip really was.

And that inspired me to make my on comic strips. I made it for myself and to show my parents. I guess that was my target audience at the time, my family. I had one called “Bladers,” another called, “Andy,” which basically featured me and a few of my friends and family members, and lastly I had one called, “A Bum for a Goat.” That was about a beach bum and his pet fish. The fish had a goatee. I don’t know how great they really were considering I was just a kid growing up in school (elementary through middle school, I think). But I know I started creating these because of comics, like Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Garfield, The Farside, etc. I may have had more strips I made too. If I can find a few of my old strips I made I’ll either update this post or make a new one and link to it. Yes, I still have them.

Bill Watterson ended Calvin and Hobbes and stopped making comics for over 10 years. But once again, our hopes rise  as he co-wrote and illustrated 3 comics from Pearls Before Swine, and they were amazing! Click the link Pearls Before Swine to read the article! I hope (and everyone else) that this is Bill Wattersons, return to the comics once again! Also, for more information regarding Bill Watterson that I thought was a cool prequel to the article I have a link to, “Dear Mr. Watterson” is on NetFlix.com now and it gives a good background to Bill Watterson.



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