Bill your customer more professionally and accurately


A friend and I have been drawing one panel comics for Grace Church of Glendora‘s Kids ministry called SKIT (Side Kicks In Training) for about 5 years or longer. This started out and was always a paid gig for us that brought in some extra cash.  My friend Matt and I had a meeting with the lead children’s pastor and agreed on a price per drawing, not an hourly rate. When that was settled he emailed us descriptions of what he wanted each drawing to look like and we drew and colored them and emailed it back to him. Then he would say “Looks great! Bill me!” So I would email him something like this:


Grace Church of Glendora 


5 Drawings

– David

– Goliath

– Saul

– The fight

-All Hail King David


Total = $X amount


This is actually very unprofessional and there are programs that can make this invoice look great! The other problem I realized I had is that I wasn’t EVER tracking my time, so I didn’t know how much I was making an hour. we’ll say my friend and I wanted to make $40 a picture and we’d like to complete each picture in 2 hours, because if we took all day to draw that one picture for $40, it isn’t worth it. But If we tracked our time, we would know how long it would take to us to complete each drawing and we could make the necessary adjustments needed. We could even go back to the client and say we will continue to do the picture for $40 each but to let you know next time we’ll have to raise our prices to X. As we are working on these projects, we came to the conclusion after tracking our time that its just not worth it to us to do it for that much.

And that brings me to this, FRESHBOOKS. I was introduced to, and I won’t use anything else. I have been using them for about a year now. There customer service is fantastic. They have a easy to use site that provides me with a time tracker to track each project under the clients I have inputed into the system. It will let me know if I have went over on my estimated hours I thought it would take me to do a project. When I’m done I can invoice them and they have the option of sending me a check or paying me via paypal and I can record if they have paid me in full right on the site. I can also track expenses for each project too. I already mentioned that you get a professional looking invoice, here’s what it looks like:


freshbooks, draw, invoice


It’s beautiful right? I typed over information that I thought would be better to leave blank but you get the idea. Go to Freshbooks, check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks everyone!

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Attempting to be more transparent.

I couldn’t stop drawing


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