This is why I love Traditional Animation….

Are you into animation? Have you tried to make an animation, whether it was a flip book or a flash / after effects animation? The feeling I got when I created my first animation of a ball bouncing across the screen, made me so excited! I literally made a ball come to life through animation. It’s very addictive!

Former Disney animator Glen Keane was responsible for animations like Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan and more. I found this animation on the tech website, I am extremely glad I found it!

This is Glen Keane’s latest animation, Duet, which debuted at Google I/O. Take a look!



I hope this inspires you to stretch your talents and explore, figure drawing, animation, or even the basics! These links actually link to a few of my favorite books!


Leave a comment below about what you thought of this video!


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