Watercolor Painting At It’s Best. Watch How Its Done!

Joverine Sagat watercolor


I don’t remember watercolor painting being taught too much in schools growing up and to be completely honest, I never knew why I would want to learn to paint with watercolor. As I grew older, I noticed that watercolor (traditional or digital) can have a certain elegance to it, or it can be used to paint comics like Calvin and Hobbes. If you are like me and watch pixar, or disney movies and enjoy watching special features sections (don’t judge me :P), I recommend watching Pixar’s UP behind the scenes footage. At one point, the animators are hiking through a part of South America you know, getting inspiration, and they all stop and bring out water colors and paint this waterfall. Its brilliant!

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

Recently, I’ve been trying to learn to paint using watercolor and I realized that one of the commercial artists I follow paints with watercolor. His style blows my mind! This artist is Joe Vriens. He goes by the username Joverine. He has work experience in video games, comics, toys and more and his some of his clients are Microsoft, Marvel, DC Comics, Wild Storm, National Geographic, Leap Frog and more. He is a super talented artist and I’d love to show you a video from Joe Vriens’ Livestream account below. Also, below the video I have linked to some tools it looks like he is using. These are some of the tools I’ve researched and read reviews on that are similar to what Joe has in his video.


Tools similar to what Joe Vriens is using:


                   Water Brush                       


  Watercolor Paper

  News Print

**UPDATE: Joe Vriens let me know in the video, he is painting on news print and NOT watercolor paper. So I included that above!** 

I hope these tools help you on your way. Art can be an expensive hobby but it is so rewarding! Never give up! Comment below about your experience with watercolor, or what you thought of Joe Vriens art.

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