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Want to Paint Photos of Fireworks You Took From 4th of July?

  The 4th of July is here and gone! Many people take video and pictures of fireworks. But have you ever thought of painting one of the many pictures of fireworks you took? Drawing and coloring light, fire, fireworks, or … Continue reading

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Eyes Aren’t Easy to Draw… Watch this How to Video!

When drawing a persons face, there are a few key features you MUST focus on in order to make that drawing look or resemble that person. If you can master the art of drawing these key features it will help … Continue reading

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Watercolor Painting Basics. Learn with this Video…

We had a great amount of visitors yesterday check out the post featuring Joe Vriens watercolor painting Sagot and it just looked unbelievable! Joe Vriens is amazing and has spent a decade or so in the industry and has a ton of … Continue reading

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Watercolor Painting At It’s Best. Watch How Its Done!

  I don’t remember watercolor painting being taught too much in schools growing up and to be completely honest, I never knew why I would want to learn to paint with watercolor. As I grew older, I noticed that watercolor … Continue reading

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This is why I love Traditional Animation….

Are you into animation? Have you tried to make an animation, whether it was a flip book or a flash / after effects animation? The feeling I got when I created my first animation of a ball bouncing across the … Continue reading

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Bill your customer more professionally and accurately

A friend and I have been drawing one panel comics for Grace Church of Glendora‘s Kids ministry called SKIT (Side Kicks In Training) for about 5 years or longer. This started out and was always a paid gig for us that … Continue reading

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Watterson… Inspirational.

  One of my favorite artists and comic writers is Bill Watterson. The way he draws is amazing! And his style with watercolor was the perfect medium to bringing his characters, Calvin and Hobbes to life! My oldest brother introduced … Continue reading

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Draw much? Why? For what reason?

I draw because I like to entertain myself. Often times, I find myself actually drawing ME as a character. I don’t even realize it. It happens to every artist. Artists actually draw themselves or a close friend, or family member … Continue reading

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I Couldn’t Stop Drawing…

Do you draw, sketch or paint? I started drawing when I was young, as far back as I can remember (literally). I drew my first comic book (if you can REALLY call it that) in 3rd grade. It was a … Continue reading

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  Hey everyone, I backed my first Kickstarter last night and I’m super stoked! I found the kickstarter project through a awesome artist named Wes Molebash. Wes has had multiple successful online comics and now he’s transitioning into children’s books, and … Continue reading

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