Hi Guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. After my first show in Claremont, I felt pretty humbled and I didn’t know why I didn’t do as well as I hoped to. I took a step back and thought maybe its my art, maybe it was what I priced the prints at, or maybe I’m an unknown artist and it will just take time to sell. I don’t mean to say that I crawled in a hole of depression after the comic show and didn’t want to come out again. But I thought I’d let you know that I’ve been reevaluating myself as an artist and have been where I should be headed.

1. After the Claremont Comic Show, I decided to redo my pricing structure on all my prints. I discovered a way to sell them at a lower price and will try to have that up in a week! Until then, My brother Brian, will be at the Claremont Comic Show THIS SUNDAY selling his custom action figures and my artwork as well (which I have pre signed).

2. I also did an artist study to improve (or maybe just take on a few attributes of other artists). I ended up doing a artist study on Skottie Young and definitely took somethings from his art style! I’m liking my style more and more now. I have incorporated other artist styles in to my art over the years and I’m thinking about featuring each of those artists on blog posts, Maybe 2 a month or something.

3. For a while, I was working with a great group of people at The Dadcast Podcast making comics for them. At them moment, it has been put on hold. But if you haven’t heard The Dadcast Podcast, Check them out now!

4. I don’t know if I shared this with you yet, but I have been married to my beautiful wife, Kristina, for almost 3 years now. It will be 3 years on July 9th! I’m super excited! There is lots of great reasons to be married! TONS! I’m super happy I am married! I have no doubts or second thoughts about it. But being married means I put my wife first. So I’ve been looking at different avenues to follow my dreams of being an artist, while trying still trying to support her. And just to let you know, I have thousands of thoughts running through my head everyday about how to make money, but art isn’t about how to make money, it’s about passion and then people will invest because you’ve invested in it. I don’t always run with an idea for too long but at the moment I’m looking into children’s books. I’ll post some sketches and character designs soon!

4. I’ve been super busy with family, friends, and church. This is where I invest most of my time when I’m not working.

And sometimes I don’t know if things are blog worthy. Things I don’t add to a blog usually goes on Instagram or twitter or something. I honestly don’t know who my “target audience” is (referring to this blog). I just want to share stuff about what I like, which I thought would just be art/ comic stuff, but I think I’m going to be cluing you in to more projects and thoughts I will be working on, life things, and whatever else comes up and I’m hoping, naturally, a target audience will show it self.

These aren’t excuses (or at least not meant to be). They are meant to give you ideas as to where I’ve been instead of posting. I think I’ll be posting more and more. I hope to be more genuine in my posts, and I hope you will join me and listen to what I have to say!


Brad Smith

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The Dadcast Comics

Hey Every body!

I have some exciting news today! I will be creating a weekly comic for the amazing podcast called The Dadcast! The Comic will be drawn/ colored buy me, Brad Smith and the plot/storyline created by Nick and Shawn!  Listen to Nick Nieblas and Shawn Warner every week as they talk about a series Top 5’s that every dad should know! And not only that, you can check about the weekly comic to go with that comic like this one below, illustrating one of those important Top 5’s. (Hopefully that makes sense.) I’ll have some more fun work to show you soon. In the mean time, enjoy The Dadcast Comic!



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Captain America!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been super busy with work. But this morning, I found some time to make Captain America! Its available for print on my Society6 store too! Enjoy!

Captain America!

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$5 OFF & FREE Shipping on Brad’s Online Art Store

Hey Guys I’ve added a few new prints to my online art store on Society6! Check it out! This offer is only good through the 13th of April! 

The Mugs will be $8.50 and Prints for as little as $10!

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A “What character should I draw next” poll!

Hey Everyone!

I’m excited for this weekend! Im going to be at The Packing House in Downtown Claremont!  There is a growing Comic Convention meets there every other month that has a lot of great vendors artists, and others. Its open from 10am-5pm. FREE parking and admission! I will have prints from my society6 page as well as new prints too! Can’t wait to see you all there!

In the mean time, I really want to hear from you guys, hear what you are interested in and see what you want me to draw! *Please no inappropriate, racist, demeaning suggestions.*



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You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. 

As an artist I get caught up in dreaming about what I can do and what could happen when I do it, and I have to say, it drives my wife nuts because I never (or very seldom)  ever follow through with it. Usually, its not that I’m lazy, (although that is something I deal with on a day to day basis) it’s that I have tens of thousands of ideas that I just get too excited about and instead of following through, I jump to the next thing. I’ll burst into the room, wherever my wife is, and say “Babe, I have an idea!”

The problem with this is if I keep getting excited about the next idea and never pay attention to my first idea. I’m going to be like the car on the side of the freeway or maybe still in the driveway out of gas because I have gotten enough feeling of accomplishment to push forward. I personally need to follow through in my life more with the ideas I come up with and I’m betting you guys might need to also. It’s simple, but come up with an idea or  plan. Make a goal list. For example:

How Can I Be A Better Artist

1. Draw human face for an hour

2. Study anatomy starting with hand.

3. Research other artists

4. Online classes or attend a college?


Soon you’ll get better and better as an artist. Maybe the list is about starting a business, or how to spend more time with your family. Everybody’s list will look different. Its ok, right? Great! Do it! Those small accomplishments will add a little bit of fuel into your car, you’ll start feeling better about yourself and your skills. Pretty soon you’ll have enough fuel in your tank to  drive out of the driveway and into the street and soon into the unknown or where ever you feel led to go.

In my life, I’ve been learning about this a lot lately and I saw Dale Partridge‘s (Founder of Sevenly) post on twitter this morning and couldn’t help myself but share it with you. Stop saying you “like to draw” if you want to be an artist, whether thats a comic artist, concept artist, storyboarding for movies, even a Van Gogh. Say you ARE an artist. Stop saying “Yea, I’ll do that later.” Start now! Make a goal list, a schedule, a plan of attack and do it! I know as free spirited artists we don’t know how to do that too well but Skottie Young (a marvel comic artist) did it, others artists do it.

If you don’t want to listen to me, thats fine… I understand…. sure it will just happen right? Probably (more than likely) not. So I leave you with the wise words of Batman:



Remember to subscribe, like, or tweet and share this with other artists! Enjoy!


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Another Sketch_dailies

Whats up everyone!

This ones titled something like The Invisible Man at Heaven’s Gates.  I hope you are enjoying these pictures as much as I am enjoying showing them off to you! This is another sketch I made for Sketch Dailies. If you haven’t looked at it please do! It’t one of the best places you can go to appreciate or learn new ways to becoming a better artist! There are so many undiscovered, under appreciated artists submitting art that blows my mind! I highly recommend this site!


Invisible Man Heaven

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The Dadcast


Hey Everyone!

I was commissioned to illustrate versions of Nick and Shawn for their podcast “The Dadcast.” I had tons of fun creating this piece for them! They are great and talented guys. Their podcast has great information and is very funny, and upbeat! Check out their podcast that you can find on their website

Thanks again to The Dadcast for this great opportunity! Check their show today!

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The Unstoppable Juggernaut

Here is probably one of my favorite Marvel characters, The Juggernaut! (who was just a letdown in X-men 3). Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 4.38.20 PM

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We are Venom!

Here is a sketch of Venom I posted a couple months back for those of you who haven’t seen it! Enjoy!


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