Eyes Aren’t Easy to Draw… Watch this How to Video!

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When drawing a persons face, there are a few key features you MUST focus on in order to make that drawing look or resemble that person. If you can master the art of drawing these key features it will help your level of skill and you’ll get more and more attention for other people.

When every you have a conversation with someone where do you look? chances are their eyes. Most people automatically look into another persons eye to show they are paying attention and engaged to that person. Secondly, you may start looking at their nose or even notice the shape of the person’s head.


“Eyes are the window to your soul.”

– William Shakespeare


It’s a daunting task to draw the majestic beauty of a persons eye, I’m talking detail. Eyes are moist, eyes have reflections, eyes are shaded, and have an iris with so much detail and color its too difficult to capture. However, I found a video that does a pretty great job to get you started drawing the basics of a woman’s eye. It’s called, “How to draw a realistic eye” by, Mark Crilley He also has multiple books out. I picked out some of his “How to Draw” books for you, which as always, you can check out below the video.



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     Mastering Manga

   Mastering Manga 2

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